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Five Star Bachelor Party Dining

Pickles Pub "Living the High Life"

I have to say, being a parent and going out for a bachelor party weekend with all the guys probably wasn’t the smartest thing because of all the work I had to finish, but from what I remember…..IT WAS AWESOME!

Last weekend about 15 of my friends went up to Baltimore, Md. for my friend, Ben’s bachelor party and dined at a bar called “Pickles”, I know what your thinking and don’t let it cross your mind again.  And for those who need confirmation, yes, it is a Bar. 

We all wanted to go somewhere quick before the Orioles game to grab a few brewskies and if anyone wanted to eat they could.  Walking from Camden Yards to the bar, I was in aww, not only was the Ballpark beautiful, there were some serious pregamers at the bars across the street.  Pickles was packed and we were able to get our grub on while taking down some free High Life, courtesy of the Miller Girls.  And lets be honest it was pretty cool to meet Windell Middlebrooks, “The Miller High Life Guy” while we were there too. 

I had a Ham and Cheese sandwich on rye bread, with a little bit of mayo and ketchup.  It was a sandwich that would appeal to any drunkard’s appetite with a side of perfectly crisp french fries, with of course a pickle that topped off my dinner.  Service was quick, or it could’ve been because I was always double fisting that I didn’t notice how long it actually took but either way, my ham and cheese sandwich seemed like a perfectly cooked filet mingon at Ruth’s Chris, that just melted in your mouth.